C&S Themed Events provides the highest quality themed events in the industry. Our 60,000 sf production facility houses top-of-the line d├ęcor sets and props comprised from the full gamut of scenic venues.

Although the name may be new to you, our products are not. Our parent company Clegg & Son, Inc. has been behind the scenes in the theme party business for over 20 years helping design and manufacture some of your favorite events, such as Key West, South Beach, Blues Alley and many more.

We have hired the best crew of stagehands in the industry, the very same people that have successfully loaded in millions of dollars worth of scenery for T.V. Shows, Concerts, trade shows, and themed events in Florida over the last 2 decades.

We have the largest inventory of sets and props in the South East United States. Our extensive inventory is comprised of several million dollars worth of scenery created for TV Shows, Motion pictures, commercials, concerts, trade show booths, corporate events, and THEME PARTIES.