Mayan Ruins

Take your guest back in time to the days of Indiana Jones in our Mayan temple adventure.  As you enter the environment you will see rubble from past civilizations hundreds of years ago.  Primitive carvings on the remnants of the ruins give you a peek into what it might have been like to live back then.  As you venture deeper into the heart of the ruins you will find skillfully crafted stone temples, oversized columns, and remains of walls adorned with carvings of animals between the boulders and lush tropical foliage.  Relax and enjoy yourself as you daydream of your next big adventure.



As you pass through our giant birds of paradise you get the feeling things are just a little different inside—everything is larger than life.  You will be surrounded by the high end airbrushed and scenically painted rare tropical flowers in all their glory bursting with bright, vivid colors that boldly stand out amongst the lush tropical foliage.  As you reach your seating area you are blinded by our stunning, giant rising or setting sun, you be the judge.  Either way you won’t have the opportunity to bask in a sea of beautiful colored tropical flowers again until your 2 week vacation starts so enjoy it while you’re here.



As you enter the room, you know you’re in for a treat.  The low lights mixed with the glowing floors, bars, and chairs assault your senses and you relax like never before.  Your logo appears on the bars while the room glows a mixture of white, blue, green and purple.  You let out a long sigh as you let go of the frustrations of the day.  Order a drink from of the bars, take a seat, and enjoy your night.  You have entered the Glow Zone.



Just like the best of South Beach, our elegant room provides the late night sizzle to your event.  As your guests walk around sipping their drinks, they feel as if they are the most important people in the room.  The plush seating arranged in intimate groups adorned with dark wood tables and elegant vases lend to the ambiance of the night.  The plush white walls accompanied by the glow bars take you and your guests into the world of the A-Listers.