As you pass through our giant birds of paradise you get the feeling things are just a little different inside—everything is larger than life.  You will be surrounded by the high end airbrushed and scenically painted rare tropical flowers in all their glory bursting with bright, vivid colors that boldly stand out amongst the lush tropical foliage.  As you reach your seating area you are blinded by our stunning, giant rising or setting sun, you be the judge.  Either way you won’t have the opportunity to bask in a sea of beautiful colored tropical flowers again until your 2 week vacation starts so enjoy it while you’re here.



If you know the right person the door man might let you through the daunting red velvet ropes and allow you to enter this swanky ever changing club.  Inside you’ll find large open areas for dancing, trendy seating areas next to tropical waterfalls lining the green limestone walls accented with maple grid walls.  As you get thirsty from dancing you can saunter up to the glowing bar for the cutting edge signature drink of the night or you can step into one of the secluded cushioned red wall V.I.P. seating areas for a more intimate experience. Regardless of your taste this club has it all so lets party the night away.



As you enter our beautiful villa courtyard you will be amazed by the stunning, colorful flowers adorning the curved planters that wrap around the park and feature a tranquil fountain in the center. You will be surrounded by the rich history of the region. As you dine in the night you’ll notice the vine covered arched walls of your private Tuscan retreat filled with glorious trees twinkling in the night with only the heavily aged milk glass sconces that top off the magnificent architecture. So take off your jacket, pull up a char and enjoy a glass of vintage wine with your old and new found friends.



Caesar, Constantine the Great, and now…you.  Join Rome’s greatest as you walk through the columns into the setting of the Great Empire.  Your guests will feel like Rome’s elite as they eat and dine the night away, gazing at the artistry of the sculpted arches and the opulent details carved into the stone walls.  As your night draws to an end, it is quite clear that your name has entered the history books alongside the other great Romans.

Tiki/Tommy Bahama

As you exit the dense jungle, your eyes are met with the beautiful site of a private tiki escape.  The torches softly light the area around you as you gaze at the bamboo stage where a band plays relaxing island music.  But before you get too in the moment, walk on over to the tiki bar and order up one of the jungles most refreshing drinks.  All the worries and stresses of the jungle are behind you now.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your tiki escape.

Under The Sea

As you leave the cruise ship ready for your next adventure you find yourself in mystical times searching for the lost city of Atlantis, walking under the water while sharks and dolphins swim above you.  Vibrant coral reefs surround you teeming with bright and colorful sponges and fish.  You can then walk over to the stunning underwater aquarium bars or join your friends at the octopus buffet tables.  Either way you have found a forgotten society that only you, your new friends, and Poseidon have ever seen and enjoy your time in this underwater fantasy.